Artist's statement

I have been active since 1990 as an independent fine artist. The medium of primary interest has been photography, but since 2000 video has also played an important role in my work. Large format colour photos, slideshow or video installations in which narrative and abstract elements are juxtaposed with one another, depict urban still-lives with traces of human activity, or paralyzed scenes on which actors take stage. The works form a research into the narrative potentialities of photographic and video media.

I seek out stories and buried memories and travel to countries where ideology is encapsulated in the architecture and the city space. Socialist city architecture and the traces of communist ideology have central significance in recent photographic and video works. The dystopian scenes in urban peripheries are often captured at dusk or at night, or with actors on theatrical stages. The obscurity and artificiality evoke a view on how the past is still part of the present.

The photos and videos purposefully offer us fragments. In exhibitions the viewer becomes part of the reconstruction of a non-linear visual narrative.