'Ochered' (the rehearsal) 2012-2014
10:12. (loop) DVD, b/w video w. sound / based on the novel 'Ochered' (1983) by Vladimir Sorokin

Sorokin's text performed by young people in current Russia.

Preview 'Ferngespraech' Galerie das Esszimmer, Bonn (DE) 2012; Installation: Stage Geographies, PERMM , Perm (RU) 2013; Update/Post Memory , Motorenhalle Dresden(DE) 2014; Rencontres Internationales, Paris (FR) 2014

'Fever is a bliss' 2014
7:00. (loop) DVD b/w video w. sound / text by Saskia de Jong

An inquisitive prompter wears one out.

'Intruder' Galerie Ron Mandos , Amsterdam 2014

'Donnerstag' 2011
5:20 min. (loop) DVD b/w video w. sound

A Turkish folk song is rehearsed by the second and third generation in Turkish community in RUHR Gebiet Germany

Wiessenstrasse, Duisburg (DE) 2010; Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam 2011; Motorenhalle Dresden (DE) 2015

'White Nights' (to F.) 2010
7:45 min. (loop) DVD, 2 channel video-audio-installation

Three women and a man enact a Dostoyevkean narrative about love and illusion.

Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam 2010; Art Propaganda, Samara (RU) 2011; Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk (RU) 2011

'How many times can one repeat the same thing' 2009
6:55 min.( loop) DVD video w.sound / text by Saskia de Jong

A private English lesson at a Russian home.

‘Delocalisation’ Press to Exit project Space, Skopje (MK) 2009; Suburban Video Lounge, IFFR, Rotterdam 2010; Motorenhalle, Dresden (DE) 2010; 38CC , Delft 2011; Duende, Rotterdam 2012; PERMM Museum of Modern Art, Perm (RU) 2013

'Study of a Russian landscape' 2008
6:28 min. (loop) DVD . video installation, separate sound

A sunny afternoon, a soothing camera, insects , traffic and nothingness.

'ecoscapes' TENT, Rotterdam 2008

'Ustala' 2007-2009
19:16 min. DVD video w. sound

A film on dystopia. The future is an endless repetition of the past.

Preview black cube 10, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2008; Ron Mandos Galerie, Amsterdam 2008; Installation ’Call Sheet’ intervention #12, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2009-2010;  ‘Kudha’, Motorenhalle, Dresden (DE) 2010; ‘VoTH’, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Yekatarinburg, Moskow, Yaroslavl (RU) 2010-2011; Stedelijk Museum, Den Bosch 2011; PERMM Museum of Modern Art, Perm (RU) 2013

Distribution: Filmbank, Amsterdam
Collection: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

'Progressive oblivion' 2006
19:22 min. Loop, DVD, video- audio installation
(animation of 553 photographic exposures, real time mounted to film)

Time - lapse of twilight till darkness, on the frozen Kuybyshev reservoir, near Tolyatti.

Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam 2006; Art Forum Berlin, (DE) 2006; KW-14, den Bosch 2007; Centre of Photography of Russ. Federation, St Petersburg (RU) 2007; Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam 2008; Expanse, Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre, Krasnoyarsk (RU) 2009

Collection: Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

'Brilliant blues' (untitled) 2005
05:00 min. Loop, DVD , video- audio- installation
Collaboration with poet Saskia de Jong

Reflections on the month of September.

Commissioned by Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen
'Rijke Uren' Museum het Valkhof 2005;  Installation 'Villanella' de Singel Antwerpen (B) 2006; Zwervende Tentoonstelling, Rotterdam 2008

Collection: 'Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen

'NOT SHE' 2005
43:45 min., DVD video w. sound

A woman seeks her identity in a film about film. She is caught in quotations and legible scenes.

Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2005,  Festival 'Dutch Open', de Balie, Amsterdam 2005; Persona, Cultural Centre, Togliatti (RUS) 2005;  Installation Fries Museum, Leeuwarden 2005;  Filmfestival P.E.K. Filmhuis, the Hague 2005; Kunst Filmbiennale Kunstverein Cologne Int. Comp. (nominated) (DE) 2005; Viper Video and New Media Festival, Basel Int. Comp. (nominated), Basel (CH) 2006; MuHKA Media, Antwerpen (B) 2007; ADA Rotterdam 2009; Fragmented Narration, Estudio Lamina, Sao Paulo (AR) 2014; WTC Art Cinema, Rotterdam 2014; SBK , Dordrecht 2014; Casa tres patios, Medellin (CO) 2014

Distribution: Filmbank, Amsterdam

'Tolyatti Sonata' 2004-2007
09:13 min. (loop) DVD, 2 channel video-audio-installation
Collaboration with Rob de Vree

A cinematographic study of the flooding of a town.

Installation TENT, Rotterdam 2004-2005; Installation 'Constructed Moments' KW 14, Den Bosch 2005;  Installation Projectraum M 54 Basel (CH) 2005; Shortly Peaking (film program), several theatres throughout Poland 2006; Installation the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam 2007; Installation Art Gallery, Tolyatti (RU) 2007.

'1 or 2 things I know about Chisinau' 2002-2005
22:17 min., DVD video w. sound

A woman's life is at risk in a forsaken city where individuality and collectively are at deadly odds.

Installation at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2002; TV broadcast at Arts Channel, The Netherlands 2002; Cultural Centre 'De Badcuyp', Amsterdam 2002; Cinema de Balie, Amsterdam 2003; Viper Basel (nominated) Basel (CH) 2003; Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, USA Int. Comp. (nominated) 2004; Installation at Centre for Visual Arts, Dordrecht 2005

'Conspiracy Spray' 2000
12:00 min (loop), Slide / Video installation (2 slide-projectors and 1 video beamer)

2 Girls meet at night on the former border between East and West Berlin, a complex re-union

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (DE) 2000; International Film Festival Rotterdam (Exploding Cinema) Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam 2001; Goethe Institut Germinations, Rotterdam 2001

'Surveillance' 1998-1999
02:20 min. (loop), DVD b/w video w. sound

A fight or dance at the rear window (rehearsing Hitchcock)

Reuten Gallery, Amsterdam 1998; Museum Het Domein, Sittard 1999; Vidlounge, Dutch Photo Institute, Rotterdam 2002; Breda Photo, Breda 2003; Filmlounge (video program) several theaters throughout the Netherlands 2003-2004; Le cinéma des photographes Néerlandais, Maison Européene de la Photographie, Paris (FR) 2004; Museum Muhka-Media Antwerpen (B) 2005; Maison Europeen de la photographie (FR) 2006; Dutch Photography, Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, 2007 and onwards.

Collection: Museum Het Domein, Sittard, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam