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‘Ochered’ (the rehearsal)


Ochered’ (Eng. The Queue ) is based on the eponymous avant-garde  novel by Vladimir Sorokin (1983).   The novel does not actually have a plot; it is rather completely made up of dialogs between people waiting in a queue on a street in Moscow while they hope to buy goods that are in short supply. Nine young amateur actors read dialogs from the novel in the auditorium of a museum in Krasnoyarsk, where they attempt to familiarize themselves with the 1980 ‘s street language, as well as with the wit and dark humour of these conversations. The work seeks to act within the border area between reality and theatricality as the actors are relocated in a time and a situation that they most likely only know from stories that were told to them. Ochered’ -with the subtitle ‘The Rehearsal’- examines to what extent and how much of the past is still present in the voices and gestures of young people today.

Cast: Sasha Konovalov, Yuri Shostak, Sveta Zamostyan, Sacha Semenova, Boris Bory, Oksana Budulak, Oljec Buhziov, Lena Soynova, Alexey Makeev

Camera: Rob de Vree

Assistance: Giulnara Davydkina

Concept / direction / editing : Ine Lamers

With special thanks to: Krasnoyarsk Museum Center; Center Visual Arts, Rotterdam; Mondriaan Fonds.

Based on the novel ‘Ochered’ (Engl: ‘the Queue’ ) 1983 by Vladimir Sorokin. First edition: Syntaxis, Paris 1985, English translation: Sally Laird 1988

video duration: 10:40 min. fragment: 1:26 min